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As an avid cyclist I have a lifetime of experience riding and fixing bikes. After completing a degree in Mechanical Engineer Technology I worked as a designer and engineer in manufacturing environments for over 15 years. During that time I began racing mountain, road, and cyclocross bikes, which led to work in the cycling industry and building wheels as a hobby. I refined my wheel building skills and product knowledge while spending 6 years in the cycling industry and I've been building wheels ever since.


Custom Wheels


I believe a new set of wheels is the single best upgrade a cyclist can make. Whether by improving durability, reducing the weight of your bicycle, or increasing aerodynamics in a time trial, a good set of hand built wheels can make a huge difference in your riding experience. I build custom wheels for all types of cycling including road, mountain, cyclocross, triathlon, fatbike, touring, tandem, recumbent and BMX. Even if you are just looking for the right color wheels to match your bike a custom wheelset is the way to go. 


On-line Custom Wheelbuilder


If you're looking for an instant quote for a new set of wheels my on-line custom Wheelbuilder will step you through the selections of wheelset components and show you the price and weight before you're ready to order. The on-line Wheelbuilder offers hundreds of components to choose from and helps you narrow down wheel component options based on your riding needs. If you don't see what you're looking for chances are I haven't added it to the Wheelbuilder yet and a simple email or phone call will answer your questions.


Why Pete's Wheels


Factory wheels cannot compare to the value of custom built wheels. A custom wheelset can be designed specifically for you. It can be as light as you need and as strong as you need. The rim that best fits your intended use can be mated to your favorite hub. You can specify tubular rims, clincher rims, or tubeless rims. You can decide on the depth of your rims for aerodynamics and you can choose a different front and rear rim.

Many cyclists do a lot of research before purchasing a new wheelset. You may look at several different pre-built wheels comparing weight, hub type, hub engagement, rim profile, materials, weight limit and many other attributes.  Similar to a custom built bicycle, custom wheels are designed and built to your needs and  specifications.  Variables such as rider weight, intended use, and riding environment should be considered when determining your ideal build. A 200 lb Enduro racer may put a lot more stress on a wheel than a lightweight cross-country mountain biker. Both riders can have wheels built that will last many years.

When you consult with me as your wheel builder we can decide on the exact wheel components to build you the best possible wheels. You will know who built your wheels, where they came from and who to call when you have questions. I will provide you with the best customer service possible.


Ride the wheels you want to ride!


I know that wheels can make a huge difference, whether by reducing the weight of your bicycle, improving aerodynamics, or holding up to punishing road or off road conditions.

The wheels that come with a new bike are often chosen for the average rider. They were not necessarily chosen for speed, durability or looks. They may have simply been chosen to get your bike to the right price-point. The wheels on a new bike may even have been spec’d with the idea that the rider will probably upgrade his or her wheels.

You may have found that your stock wheels are not holding up or you want something lighter. Your size and strength may require that you have an extra strong wheelset that can’t be found in a factory built wheel. You may want a rock-solid wheel for criteriums or a heavy-duty wheel for touring. Or, you may want to choose the lightest components available for the ultimate climbing wheelset.

When you purchase a new wheelset you don’t want to worry about failure. You don’t want to worry if your wheels are too fragile, or too heavy, or that the parts will corrode in the rain and winter. You don’t want to be riding your wheels thinking you made the wrong choice. I want you to be confident in your custom wheel purchase.


Expert Advice


If you’re unfamiliar with the product selections, don't see the components you're looking for, or simply don't know what fits on your bike I will gladly help answer your questions and give you expert advice and guidance in choosing the right components for your custom wheelset. I want to help you decide what’s best for your needs. Please email or call me to discuss what wheels make sense for you.




My wheels are hand-built to the highest standards. Accuracy and uniformity of spoke tension will increase the life of your wheels. Even a wheel that is built of strong, high quality components can more easily be damaged without uniform spoke tension. I spend considerable time on the tension and true of each and every wheel. The amount of time it takes to build a wheelset is the amount of time it takes to do it right. Spoke tension uniformity is 5% for most wheels. I incorporate numerous steps in the building process to stress relieve the wheels and ensure they stay true on your first ride and many rides and miles thereafter.




Your wheels don’t have to look like everyone else’s. You can choose from 10 different hub colors, several different spoke and nipples colors. Many rims come in two or more colors. You can mix and match wheel components. I can build your favorite rims onto your favorite hub brand. If you spent a lot of time considering the look of your bike you definitely want the wheels to be an extension of that look.


Value and Satisfaction


The wheel components you see on this website have been selected based on quality and availability. These products are all from reputable manufacturers and have a history of reliability. The components used in my wheel builds are not designed to maximize profits, they are chosen to meet the needs and desires of the cyclist. Sometimes a custom wheelset is the most economical choice for your intended use, and components can be chosen for the best balance of strength, weight and price.

It is very important that my customers enjoy their custom wheelset for as long as they own and ride them. For this reason it is important to know the rider's weight and intended use. I use this information in order to select options for my customers that will be durable enough for their needs while still meeting other requirements such as wheel weight and aesthetics.




The wheels I build are repairable in case of an accident. Even the highest quality, lightweight Sapim CX-Ray aero spokes are readily available to get your wheel back in perfect working condition in no time.


A Database of Experience


The durability and lifetime enjoyment of every wheelset is very important to me. I keep detailed information in a database of every wheel that I build. With my collection of customer and wheel specifications I can confirm the details of a person's wheels including spoke tension, rim dimensions, hub dimensions, spoke length used, lacing pattern, components used and other information. Having a database of notes and measurements on my custom builds allows me to know the best way to prepare and assemble each component ahead of time. My database of information helps me continually refine my building process and product knowledge which I use to help customers decide on the best parts for their custom wheels.

My building process and component selection is validated through spoke tension measurements, wheel trueness, radial runout and dish. The measurement values are verified by using regularly calibrated tools and recorded in my database for future reference. I credit my wheel building technique and direction of my business from my many years of continued, objective evaluation of my data and the satisfaction of my customers.


Rebuilds and Customer supplied parts



If you have hubs that are in good shape and ready for some fresh rims, or a new rim that you'd like laced up - I'm glad to help. A customer supplied hub or rim costs $30 plus materials to lace into a new wheel. A complete wheel rebuild can vary depending on the extent of the work and is $30 per hour. Please call or email for quotes and questions.